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Natural Coffee Body Scrub
Natural Coffee Body Scrub

Natural Coffee Body Scrub

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Our Coffee Body Scrub is made with natural ingredients which will leave your skin nourished & moisturised, not just cleansed.


Arabica (Coffee) Seed Powder
Sucrose (Sugar)
Cocos Nuciferia (Coconut) Oil

The coffee contains caffeine which is a natural stimulant and contributes towards tightening the skin and increasing blood flow. It's also been known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine also contains antioxidants, which help fight premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines.

The sugar acts as the exfoliator which helps remove dead & dry skin, revealing new, healthier skin underneath.

The coconut oil acts as the moisturiser. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, there will be no need to use extra moisturiser after. It is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions.


Apply to damp/wet skin. Rub in circular motions using your hands or an exfoliation brush or glove, for 1-2 minutes. Start off gentle to prevent any irritation then increase the firmness of rubbing if required.

Can be used weekly depending on skin type. If you have oily skin start off by using once a week. If you have dry skin start off by using 2-3 times a week.


Please note:
The consistency can change depending on environmental temperatures due to the natural nature of the coconut oil. It can harden in cooler temperatures and soften in warmer temperatures. It is applied easier if soft but if it does harden it will soften once you start rubbing into the skin or hands.
If it hardens, you may notice white spots - this is just where the coconut oil has solidified and is totally normal and will not effect usage.

Please try to avoid water entering the jar where possible to prevent spoilage.

These Coffee Body Scrubs come in 130ml square, reusable glass jars.

All orders are made to order so as soon as we receive your order we will begin creating your coffee scrub goodness.

Suitable for vegans & cruelty free